I’ve been kind of quiet in terms of posting new comics online because I’ve been working on a new book, which I just finished! You can preorder it here (only ten bucks)! This will be a 270 page, hardcover book.

"Told through real-life journals, collages, lists, and drawings, this coming-of-age story illustrates the transformation of an 18-year-old girl from a small-town teenager into an independent city-dwelling college student. Written in an autobiographical style with beautiful artwork, Little Fish shows the challenges of being a young person facing the world on her own for the very first time and the unease—as well as excitement—that comes along with that challenge."

Coming in September!

Product Details

This is my first time working with a publisher and it’s been a really fun and interesting experience. Also, stressful! I cranked out this 270 page book in under 6 months, which is mind-boggling to me since it took me an entire year to draw Year One. 

This book was inspired by my zine, List, which I’ve put out for the last ten years. It’s had 15 issues of its own. This isn’t an anthology, however. A large part of the content is entirely new (probably 85% of it), but I did borrow some lists from the earlier issues of my zine that I actually wrote when I was 18 and 19.

I also used entries straight out of my livejournal. I wasn’t sure how to tackle writing about my life as an 18 year old and was pretty afraid it wouldn’t feel authentic. My live journal was key in remembering exactly how I felt back then, and using my actual words as an 18 year old was pretty fun and interesting. I’m glad I had a lot to say back then. 

If you’re a Year One reader, this is also the story of how I met Daniel.

Other things I learned about that year: the personal as the political, diy/punk ethics, feminism, privilege, discovered diary comics, made my first zine, etc. This was probably my most formative year in terms of who I am now.

Check it out! 

You can also preorder it at:


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