Year One for sale now!

Hey Everyone! I’m packaging up the last of the kickstarter pre-orders tonight which means that I’m now ready to put Year One for sale on-line! 

If you’re interested in buying it, it’s $14, plus shipping.

For the U.S, shipping is $4. (so $18 total
International folks, shipping is $6 (so $20 total)

You can just paypal that to and be sure to include your correct address.

or: if you feel better doing it through a website, feel free to order it through my etsy at:

I had a great time tabling at Portland Zine Symposium and all the feedback/response I’ve gotten this week from people who have read Year One already has been so thoughtful. Thanks so much if you’ve read this book.

Some incredibly kind responses I’ve received this week:

I just have to write you to let you know that I received my copy of Year One yesterday and it is so beautiful! I had read all the comics online, but it was such a different experience to hold it in my hands and see all the detail. Year One is an amazing, touching, funny, heartfelt book. Congratulations on a job well done! It is so inspiring to see folks my age getting it done!”

I must say, It’s a refreshing book……it’s quite a simple story, yet I think it really reveals a lot about our generation….or maybe being in our mid - late 20s….or maybe I’m just going through some of the same situations. Either way, I was eager to read the whole comic in one sitting.

Today I came home to my copy of Year One leaning against my door.  I got inside, opened the package, sat down on my couch with my shoes and bag still on, and read the whole thing.  I just wanted to send a huge congratulations to you.  I think the book is a great success”

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    Ramsey just finished shipping pre-orders for her book Year One and is now stocking it through her Etsy store. Read all...
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    on-line now. Click through...if you’re interested, and
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    on-line now. Click through...if you’re interested, and
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